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About The Pre-School
The purpose of our Pre-School is to assist parents in the development of their children by offering pre-school children ages 3 to 5 years (must be 3 by September 10th and toilet trained) in a Christian setting in which to grow, learn, and develop.  We enjoy being able to teach children about God’s word through story, play, and song.

We have carefully planned a well-balanced program that will help your children learn through all their senses: hearing, seeing, touching, smelling and tasting.  We will encourage and guide your children in developing their language and social skills, self-expression creativity, independence, hand-eye coordination, large and small motor skills, and good personal and health habits throughout he day.

The School is located at 2939 Colton Boulevard  and  offers 2 class schedules with both beginning at  9:00  until 11:30 a.m. :  Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday and Thursday.

Our goal is to help your child grow and develop as a whole person: emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually.  We will strive to aid parents in the understanding of age-appropriate curriculum and guiding their children’s development.

Pre-reading skills will be developed through the day’s activities including stories, music, and dramatic play.

Basic skills such as numbers & letter recognition, colors, shapes, sizes, etc., will be presented as the child is ready, through art, play dough, blocks, puzzles, etc.

Small motor skills will be enhanced through manipulative toys, puzzles, and child safe scissors.

Large motor skills will be developed through play, running, jumping, wheel toys, and creative movement to music.

Pre-K classes are introduced to phonics and math skills through art, cooking, science, and other hands-on activities.

Age-appropraite Christian concepts such as love, kindness, sharing, and Jesus is God’s son will be presented through stories, music, and crafts.

Discipline And Guidance
The goal of discipline is to help the child learn self-control.  Positive behaviors will be reinforced.  The teacher will stop any action that puts the child or another child in danger.  Rules will be stated.  Redirection, or “taking a breather” may occur.  Cooperation is emphasized.

Policies & Procedures
Call us : 656-4842 if your child will be absent…..someone other than you will be picking up the child…  have a question…..or you want to bring a pet for show and tell.

Birthdays: We love birthdays.  The birthday child brings treats and a poster to show to the class family photos, magazine pictures of favorite things, or drawings or stickers.  Hint: save the poster for next year.

Newsletters come home every month and will tell you the themes, if and when your child has snack day, birthdays, holidays, etc.  The snack list will give you a head count.

Show and Tell is every Thursday and Friday at 11:00.  You get to bring “one” item.  I know this is tough but you have all year.  No weapons please.

Traveling Library is a plastic bag that contains a book and an animal or toy.  They must stay in the bag when not in use and hung on a door handle so they don’t get mixed up with toys at home.  You may keep the book as long as you want.  Only when you bring it back, may you get another one.

Dress your children for preschool activities, please.  We do make messes.  NO FLIP FLOPS at preschool please, sandals with straps ok.

Please send backpacks: It makes carrying things a lot easier for small hands.  If you can put their names on it that helps too.

Scholastic Book Orders come throughout the year.  Often they have books for a dollar or two.  DO NOT feel obligated to order.

Tuition is due the first of the month.  Late tuition (after the 10th) will have an additional $10 fee if you have not talked to staff about it prior.